Academic Conference

Academic Conference

Prishtina Arts and Architecture Festival 2019  
Academic Conference of Architecture

“LOVE and HATE” 

23rd of May 2019                                       Prishtinë – Kosovë

"Southeastern Europe has historically been a region of war; love and understanding, however, have been key attributes that contributed to overcoming these conflicts.

Love applied through artistic and architectural modalities has in the past been the most successful form of spiritual rehabilitation and the most efficient mechanism for reconciling individuals, groups and nations. Let us, then, continue this tradition of applying love through the festival!"

Konferenca PAAF

"International Academic Conference of Art and Architecture"

The Fourth International Scientific Conference is organized at UAAB during this edition of PAAF'18. This year's conference is considered highly specific because it combines-apart from architecture-other visual arts (Graphic Design, Fashion, Enterier), but also musicology and documentary. The two aspects of PAAF'18 and, especially the Conference, are the MULTI and INTER disciplines of topics from architecture and art, but also the connection to a particular territory that is the Southeast Europe. The works are expected to have a comprehensive approach by exploring the relationship between the various types of art between them, particularly with architecture.

Deadlines to be followed: Deadline for submission of Abstracts, 20th of April 2018. Deadline for submission of Works and Presentations on PowerPOINT, 20th of April 2018. Deadline for submission of final works according to Kosovo Thesis criteria: May 15th, 2018.

CONFERENCE SUBMISSION: Scientific Paper / Poster Abstracts: April 20th, 2018. The participant in the research event must submit the abstract no later than 20th of April 2018 at 11:00 by completing the application provided in the link.

The submission is done via Email: [email protected] The best letter will be rewarded with the Certificate for the Best Letter of the Conference.

Received conference papers will be published (free of charge) in the Scientific Thesis ( ) written with the valid international ISBN number.

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